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I am envious of football writing in the United Kingdom, because of the lack of domestic sports books, Jane has reached a heinous level. British football-related books include biographies of head coaches and well-known players, historical yearbooks of famous teams, and even sociological studies on Jewish participation in football (the title can be roughly translated as "You The rabbi (Rabbi) know what you are doing this weekend?"), the story of the non-famous star of the low-level team ("The Greatest Player You Have Never Heard"), study the spread of football by English coaches around the world Sports book ("Mr.", which contains former Chinese national team and Olympic team coach Bobby Horton). For people who love the ball, such as me, the body cannot reach it, and the heart yearns for it. It’s just that sometimes I wonder if these people who have not even heard of British natives are worthy of writing a lot? It wasn't until I met Ebar and Mendiliba that this doubt was finally dispelled. Football is the life of a part of the world. Of course there are people who deserve to write a biography for him, and Mendiliba is one of them. ,

我羡慕英国的足球写作,由于缺乏国内体育书籍,简已经达到了令人发指的水平。与英国足球有关的书籍包括主教练和知名球员的传记,著名球队的历史年鉴,甚至包括犹太人参加足球的社会学研究(标题可以粗略翻译为“ You the rabbi(Rabbi)知道您是什么)这个周末做的?”),有关低级别球队(“您从未听说过的最伟大的球员”)的不知名明星的故事,研究了英语教练在世界范围内对足球的传播。 ”,其中包括前中国国家队和奥林匹克队教练鲍比·霍顿(Bobby Horton)。对于像我这样热爱球的人,身体无法触及它,而内心向往它。只是有时候我想知道这些甚至还没有听说过英国人的人是否值得写很多东西?直到我遇到Ebar和Mendiliba时,这种疑虑才终于消除。足球是世界一部分的生命。当然,有些人应该为他写传记,而门德里比拉就是其中之一。 ,

Back to the game, let’s look at what Mendiliba did this past week? This round against Athletic Bilbao, many people call it the Basque Derby, which I disagree with. The premise of Derby is that the two sides are capable of confrontation and there are historical disputes. Just like no one calls Crystal Palace vs. Fulham the London Derby, Chelsea’s home stadium, Stamford Bridge, is clearly built in the Fulham area. Is Chelsea vs. Fulham a derby? Although it is not a derby, this Basque civil war has always been a knot of Mendiliba's heart. Fifteen years ago, Mendiliba, who almost brought Evar into La Liga before, was suddenly placed as the captain of the sinking giant ship in Baocun, but after nine rounds of coaching, he dismissed get out of class sadly. Baocun fans spoke of him. The "Dark Two Years" was opened by Mendiliba. At the time, no one would have thought that the middle-aged man who seemed a little unaware of being too nervous and not smiling, or being too nervous because of not smiling, would become a small team legend who coached more than 400 games in La Liga more than a decade later.

回到游戏中,让我们看看上周门迪利巴做了什么?在对毕尔巴鄂竞技的比赛中,很多人称其为巴斯克德比,我对此表示反对。德比的前提是双方都有对抗的能力,存在历史纠纷。就像没有人把水晶宫VS富勒姆称为伦敦德比一样,切尔西的主场斯坦福德桥显然是在富勒姆地区建造的。切尔西VS富勒姆是德比吗?尽管这不是一场德比战,但这场巴斯克内战一直是门迪利巴(Mendiliba)内心的一个结。 15年前,几乎把埃瓦(Evar)带到西甲的门迪利巴(Mendiliba)突然被任命为沉没的巨型船的船长,在宝村,但经过9轮教练后,他不幸地退出了课堂。宝村的粉丝们谈到了他。 Mendiliba开设了“黑暗的两年”。当章鱼直播时,没有人会想到,这个似乎有点不知道自己太紧张,不微笑,或者因为不开心而过于紧张的中年人,会变成一个小球队的传奇人物,他在2000年执教了400多场比赛。西甲十多年后。

Mendiliba's heart knot has not been broken for many years, so will the players not be under pressure? From a psychological point of view, stress is all subject to external stimuli and exerted on oneself. The team has so far failed to sign up. In the last round of yellow potential losses, some players performed disastrously. Now facing the friendly big brother of the fourth grade, can Evar players stand up?


Mendiliba showed the demeanor of an excellent coach at this time. First, he changed the timing of La Liga's game day and night to attract the media's long and short guns. Then Mendiliba said that we did not have this game. The obligation must be won, and the players are relieved instantly. This kind of coaching skills is quite like Mourinho's peak.


Specific to the formation of troops, Mendiliba's starting lineup has remained largely unchanged, and where it really changes, it must be changed. For Chukwuze’s battered Rafa, he was unexpectedly replaced by Ronaldo as the starter. Another change that most people would not think of was to let Conziol start to play the right wing! This kind of courage is not something ordinary coaches have. The reason why Mendiliba is good at playing a strong team is that you don't know what coups this "wizard" (nickname of Jianghu) can give. Conziol's trick is so wonderful that no one knows about him in Sime, and Baocun left-back Yuri has just returned this round and confronted him with a mysterious Pole. There is nothing wrong with it.

对于部队的组建,门迪利巴的首发阵容基本保持不变,在真正改变的地方,必须改变。对于楚科武兹受虐的拉法,他出人意料地被罗纳尔多取代。大多数人不会想到的另一个变化是让Conziol开始扮演右翼!这种勇气是普通教练所没有的。门迪利巴善于组建一支强队的原因是,您不知道这位“奇才”(江湖的绰号)能带来什么妙招。 Conziol的把戏是如此奇妙,以至于没人知道他在Sime中,而且包村的左后卫Yuri刚刚回到了这一回合,并以一个神秘的波兰人面对了他。没有什么问题。

Kicking off the genuine 433 is to put sufficient pressure on Baocun’s defense. The midfielder used Resio to strengthen the ball and further release Edu's pressure, supplemented by Diop's sweeping and combing in the middle, Mendiliba's tactical arrangement is completely reasonable. It's a pity that the coach can play tactics boldly, and whether he can play it depends on the players. Conziol is not familiar with the opponent and his teammates are not familiar. He can only adapt carefully to the team’s mature play style. If a teammate moves forward, then he must divide the ball. He dare not cut himself and add several times. Mistakes, yesterday's performance is hard to say. Recio was completely in a state of no state. Baocun’s first goal was because Recio did not receive the ball and was quickly pushed back by the opponent.

启动真正的433就是要对宝村的防御施加足够的压力。中场使用Resio加强球并进一步释放Edu的压力,再加上Diop在中路的横扫和梳理,Mendiliba的战术安排是完全合理的。可惜的是,教练可以大胆地运用战术,而他能否参加则取决于球员。 Conziol不熟悉对手,他的队友也不熟悉。他只能谨慎地适应球队成熟的比赛风格。如果队友向前移动,则他必须将球分开。他不敢割伤自己,不愿意加数。错误,昨天的表现很难说。雷西奥完全处于无状章鱼直播APP态的状态。宝村的第一个进球是因为雷西奥(Recio)没有接球,很快就被对手推倒。

Midfielder Mendiliba made a decisive substitution, with Conziol replaced by Pedro Leon, and Recio replaced Kique Gonzalez. Sure enough, Pedro Leon took a corner kick and Kique Garcia equalized. What is the pen of God? Take the initiative to correct the error and get immediate results. This is a magical stroke.

中场门德利巴(Mendiliba)做出了决定性的替换,孔泽尔(Conziol)被佩德罗·莱昂(Pedro Leon)取代,雷西奥(Recio)取代基奎·冈萨雷斯(Kique Gonzalez)。果然,佩德罗·莱昂开出角球,基奎·加西亚扳平比分。上帝的笔是什么?主动纠正错误并立即获得结果。这是一个神奇的中风。

The two sides were in a stalemate for nearly eighty minutes. The players were old and physically weak and eventually led to conceded. Mendiliba can use his own experience and tactics to perform a wonderful game, but the young storm of the opponent finally ended the old tactics of the Ebarians. I don’t know if Mendiliba, who has played football all his life, has read Jack London’s "A Steak"? (Here is inspired by Zhang Lu and Zhan Jun’s program, thanks hereby.) The coach of Baocun who likes to write poetry, Galitano, may have read the story of the old boxer, but in the story last night They are the younger ones, and 80% of them cannot realize the sorrow of the old boxer. The aging fighters were shy in their pockets, unable to eat a steak to replenish their energy before the game. After one punch was not won, the young opponent was backlashed. After being knocked down by the opponent, the old boxer still misses the steak. If he eats the steak, he might beat his opponent and win, right? It may be, it may not be.

双方陷入僵局近八十分钟。球员年龄大,身体虚弱,最终导致失球。门迪利巴(Mendiliba)可以利用自己的经验和战术来进行精彩的比赛,但是对手的年轻风暴终于结束了埃巴人的旧战术。我不知道一生都踢足球的门迪利巴(Mendiliba)是否读过杰克·伦敦(Jack London)的《牛排》? (在此感谢张璐和詹俊的节目。)喜欢写诗的宝村教练加利塔诺,可能已经读过这位老拳击手的故事,但昨晚的故事中他们是年轻的拳击手,他们中有80%无法意识到这位老拳击手的悲伤。衰老的战士们在口袋里害羞,无法在比赛前吃牛排补充能量。一章鱼直播拳未获胜后,年轻的对手遭到了强烈反对。在被对手击倒后,这位老拳击手仍然错过了牛排。如果他吃牛排,他可能会击败对手并获胜,对吧?可能是,可能不是。

If Ebar’s signings were stronger, would he not lose yesterday? It may or may not; if the midfielder is not Kik Gonzalez, but Muto Yoshiki, will the result be different? It may or may not; if Pedro Leon comes back to defense more aggressively, will he stop conceding goals? It may or may not.

如果Ebar的签约力度更大,他昨天不会输吗?它可能会也可能不会;如果中场不是Kik Gonzalez,而是Muto​​ Yoshiki,结果会有所不同吗?它可能会也可能不会;如果佩德罗·利昂(Pedro Leon)更积极地防守,他会停止放弃进球吗?它可能会也可能不会。

Tonight, Evar’s fans, like me, are all the old boxers who didn’t eat steak.




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