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Simone Sosa stood outside the flamenco training ground, hoping that the club would allow her to enter. She just wanted to walk to the parking lot and light a candle. On the evening of February 8th last year, Simone’s 15-year-old nephew Jorge Eduardo and 9 youth team teammates were killed in a fire near the parking lot-at the time, Flamenco used to serve for youth training players The temporary dormitory that provided accommodation was engulfed by the fire.

西蒙妮·索萨(Simone Sosa)站在弗拉门戈训练场外,希望俱乐部允许她进入。她只想步行到停车场点燃蜡烛。去年2月8日晚上,西蒙妮15岁的侄子豪尔赫·爱德华多(Jorge Eduardo)和9名青年队队友在停车场附近的一场大火中丧生-当时,弗拉门戈曾经为青年训练队服务。住所被大火吞没了。

On the first anniversary of the accident, flamengo players and coaches paid tribute to the boys who were killed by the fire at the training ground. Simone wanted to do the same, but her request was denied. Security guards prevented her and the families of other victims from entering the training ground, leaving them to kneel on the side of the road and pray. In Brazil, this shocking and inhumane decision aroused widespread criticism.


The tragedy a year ago killed 10 flamenco youth players aged between 14 and 16, but to this day, only three victims’ families have reached a final compensation agreement with the club. In court, no one was responsible for the accident...Although Flamengo has achieved unprecedented success in the past year: winning the La Libertadores and Copa Libertadores, challenging Liverpool in the Club World Cup final, Financial performance also set a new record.

一年前的悲剧杀死了10名年龄在14至16岁之间的弗拉门戈青年球员,但直到今天,只有三个受害者的家庭与俱乐部达成了最终赔偿协议。在法庭上,没有人为这次事故负责。尽管弗拉门戈在过去的一年中取得了空前的成功:赢得了La Libertadores和Copa Libertadores,在俱乐部世界杯决赛中挑战利物浦,但财务表现也创造了新纪录。

In fact, before the fire broke out, flamengo had been reminded of the safety of the temporary dormitories for youth training players. The boys sleep in a temporary dormitory built of shipping containers. The windows are very narrow and there is only one exit. The site only got permission to build a parking lot. Due to the lack of a safety certificate, Flamengo also received 31 fines issued by the local government of Rio de Janeiro.


On the night of February 8, 2019, an air-conditioning short circuit caused a fire, and the fire spread quickly, eventually killing 10 of the 26 youth players. "We only found the dead body inside." said a firefighter who was involved in the fire fighting at the time. "The place was completely engulfed by the fire."

2019年2月8日晚上,空调短路引发火灾,火灾迅速蔓延,最终杀死了26名青年球员中的10名。 “我们只在里面发现了尸体。”一名当时参与灭火的消防员说。 “这个地方被大火完全吞没了。”

Rio de Janeiro state prosecutors recommended that Flamengo and the families of the killed players reach an out-of-court settlement, including a one-time payment of 2 million Brazilian reals (approximately 3.12 million yuan) to each player’s family, and another monthly settlement. Pay 10,000 reais (about 15,000 yuan) until the victim reaches 45 years of age. This payment will not cause much burden on Flamengo’s financial situation. After all, Flamengo’s revenue in 2019 reached 857 million reais (approximately 1.339 billion yuan), setting a record for the Brazilian football club’s single-year revenue. The highest record. In the past 18 months, Flamengo has spent more than 200 million reais (about 312 million yuan) in the player transfer market.


However, Flamengo was unwilling to pay compensation to the families of the killed players, but tried to bargain with them. Flamengo proposed to pay 400,000 reais (approximately 625,000 yuan) for each player’s family as a one-time compensation, plus a monthly payment of 998 reais (approximately 1,559 yuan) for the Brazilian minimum wage for ten consecutive years, but The proposal was immediately rejected.

但是,弗拉门戈不愿向被杀死玩家的家属支付赔偿,而是试图与他们讨价还价。 Flamengo建议为每个球员的家庭一次性支付40万雷亚尔(约合人民币625,000元)作为一次性补偿,再加上连续十年每月为巴西最低工资支付998雷亚尔(约合人民币1,559元),但该提议立即被拒绝。 。

So far, the families of three dead players have reached a settlement with the club. It is said that if they violate the confidentiality agreement, they will be fined 500,000 reais (about 780,000 yuan). But the families of the other seven killed players are still in a lawsuit against Flamenco. In December last year, the local court in Rio de Janeiro issued an order to Flamenco: Before the lawsuit is closed, Flamenco needs to pay the seven families 10,000 reais a month.


After the fire accident, Flamengo chairman Randym once said: “There is no doubt that this is the biggest tragedy that the club has experienced.” “For us, the top priority is to minimize the impact of the families of the players who died. The pain to endure". However, in the past year, Randym always avoided interviews as much as possible and did not attend a hearing in early February.

火灾发生后,弗拉门戈俱乐部主席兰迪姆曾说:“毫无疑问,这是俱乐部经历的最大的悲剧。” “对我们来说,当务之急是最大程度地减少死者家属的影响。忍受的痛苦。”然而,在过去的一年中,兰迪姆总是尽可能避免章鱼直播采访,并且没有参加2月初的听证会。

It is incredible that Randym criticized Simone Souza and the families of several other players who wanted to enter the club’s training ground on the first anniversary of the accident. "Why are they going there without knowing that they will meet the club in advance?" Randym said. He also accused the family members of the killed players of "making loud noises" in an attempt to attract the attention of the media... When the players' family members were kneeling on the side of the road, Randym was participating in an event organized by the club-Flamengo did not invite them to participate.

令人难以置信的是章鱼直播APP,兰迪姆批评西蒙娜·索扎(Simone Souza)和其他几名希望在事故发生一周年之际进入俱乐部训练场的球员的家人。 “他们为什么要去那里而又不知道会提前见到俱乐部?”兰迪说。他还指责被杀害球员的家人“大声喧“”,以引起媒体的关注。当球员的家人跪在路边时,兰迪姆正在参加一项活动。弗拉门戈俱乐部组织的活动没有邀请他们参加。

The next day, in a match where Flamengo defeated Madurera 2-0 at home, many fans paid tribute to the 10 youth players who died a year ago, and what Flamengo did after the tragedy. He expressed protest. After the game, Randym said in an interview with the TV station: "Flamengo cannot accept any absurd proposal made by the family of (the victim)."


Flamengo is the football club with the largest number of fans in Brazil, but they have recently been widely condemned. In an article in "UOL Esporte", football journalist Pedro Ivo Almeida accused Flamengo of treating the family of players who have treated hard-to-treat players like "to the enemy". Carlos Eduardo Mansour also expressed a similar view in the Globe.

弗拉门戈(Flamengo)是巴西球迷最多的足球俱乐部,但最近遭到了广泛谴责。足球记者佩德罗·伊沃·阿尔梅达(Pedro Ivo Almeida)在《 UOL Esporte》中的一篇文章中指责弗拉门戈对待像对待敌人一样对待难于治疗的球员的球员家庭。卡洛斯·爱德华多·曼苏尔(Carlos Eduardo Mansour)在《环球》杂志上也表达了类似的观点。

Flamengo mentioned the tragedy a year ago on the official Twitter, but a fan called on the club to "treat the families of the players in a more humane way, respect and care for them". Another fan wrote: "We want justice."


Fausto Silva is one of Brazil's most famous TV presenters, and he also condemned flamenco on Sunday night. "After the fire accident, the high-level flamenco behavior was very inappropriate and unacceptable. The problem is not money, because no amount of money can bring back the 10 children who lost their lives. The problem is flamenco. The treatment of the families of those in need is inhumane."

福斯托·席尔瓦(Fausto Silva)是巴西最著名的电视节目主持人之一,他还于周日晚上谴责佛朗明哥舞。 “发生火灾后,弗拉门戈舞的高级行为是非常不当的和令人无法接受的。问题不是钱,因为没有钱能带回失去生命的十个孩子。问题是弗拉门戈舞。家庭的待遇有需要的人是不人道的。”

In response to Silva's criticism, Flamengo issued a statement accusing the TV host of "completely ignorant of the case." In his statement, Flamengo detailed a series of measures taken by the club after the deaths of 10 youth training players, including paying 10,000 reais to the families of the victims every month and one-time compensation for the players’ families. . According to Flamenco, the amount of compensation "reached many times the amount awarded by Brazilian courts in similar cases."

针对席尔瓦的批评,弗拉门戈(Flamengo)发表声明,指责电视主持人“完全无视此案”。弗拉门戈(Flamengo)在声明中详细介绍了俱乐部在10名青年训练运动员去世后采取的一系列措施,包括每月向受害者家属支付10,000章鱼直播APP雷亚尔,并为球员的家庭提供一次性补偿。 。据弗拉门戈公司称,赔偿金额“达到了巴西法院在类似案件中所判赔偿额的许多倍”。

But on the second day, the families of the three killed players who had reached a settlement with the club said through their lawyers that Flamengo was spreading "misinformation." First of all, the amount of compensation for flamenco did not exceed several times the compensation received by victims of similar cases. Second, they also pointed out in the statement that the compensation was “not paid voluntarily by the club, but ordered by the court”.


In any case, the families of these dead players will continue to fight for justice.


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