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After the restart of the league, Manchester United played a very strong performance, 7 games 5 wins and 2 draws, just one step away from the top four. Among them, Greenwood made people shine. In the last 5 games, Manchester United teenagers have all made their debut, contributing 4 goals and 1 assist for the team. Before this, Manchester United's weaker right side finally had a stable firepower point.


Greenwood's outstanding performance may change the attitude of Manchester United in introducing Sancho.


Greenwood, 18, is a sophomore in the Premier League. Last season, "Aoki Ball King" only got 4 appearance opportunities. After entering the second grade, his number of appearances increased sharply. The season has not yet ended. Greenwood has made 43 appearances with 2,156 minutes of game time, which is about 24 games.


An 18-year-old player who handed over such data in the Dream Theater is a remarkable achievement. To be able to have this performance, first of all thanks to Greenwood's superb shooting skills.

一位在Dream Theater交出此类数据的18岁球员是一项了不起的成就。为了拥有如此出色的表现,首先要归功于格林伍德出色的拍摄技巧。

In the league, Greenwood has shot 34 times, shot 18 times and scored 9 goals. The shooting accuracy and conversion rate are as high as 53% and 26.5%, respectively, showing the potential of a top killer.


Greenwood's superb shooting skills are largely supported by two major advantages:


It is said that in the youth team, Greenwood once completed a free kick and scored directly with both feet. This ability allowed him to obtain an extremely wide range of attack, no matter the goal is left or right, he can kick the goal;


With these two advantages, even if the opponent leaves a very small space for Greenwood, it is likely to be extremely severely damaged.


These two characteristics not only allowed Greenwood to show a very high offensive efficiency, but also benefited a lot from Manchester United's entire offensive end. Greenwood's wide attack scope allows him to change positions with Martial and Rashford at any time on the court, thereby disrupting the opponent's defensive deployment, creating space for the team's offensive advancement and attacking the goal.

这两个特点不仅让格林伍德展现出很高的进攻效率,而且从曼联的整个进攻端中受益匪浅。 Greenwood的进攻范围广,可以随时在球场上与Martial和Rashford交换位置,从而打乱了对手的防守部署,为球队的进攻发展和进攻目标创造了空间。

After the restart of the league, Martial has scored 5 goals and completed a hat trick; Rashford also has 2 goals and 2 assists. All three of the strikers have played well, and Manchester United's frontcourt "trident" has basically taken shape.


To make the Red Devils fans impressed, just a good shot technique is not enough. When Greenwood fully demonstrated his footwork, it also means that his ability to recognize empty space, use space, select the ball, and effectively respond, etc., has also been substantially improved.


Because there is no foreshadowing of these abilities, it is difficult for Greenwood to find a chance to shoot.


Simply sum up the above-mentioned ability in one word, that is, the ball quotient.


If you want to improve your golf quotient, in addition to talent, you also need a certain amount of practical experience. And Greenwood only spent half of the season to hone his golf quotient to a new height.


Through the distribution of Greenwood’s scoring time, we can see a very obvious progress curve: Before the suspension of the league, Greenwood scored a total of 12 goals, of which 7 appeared in the Europa League, the FA Cup and other cups. In the league, he played 23 times and only scored 5 goals.


It can be seen that it was difficult for Greenwood to play shooting power in the high-intensity Premier League before, and after the offseason, most of the accumulation of the season has been digested by the Aoki King, ushering in a gratifying transformation.


Losing the ball and passing data can reflect Greenwood's ability to handle the ball to a certain extent.


This season, Greenwood lost the ball once per game, while Rashford, Martial and Daniel James were 3.1, 4.3 and 2.3 times respectively. As for Greenwood’s 86.8% pass success rate, The players who played more than 1,000 minutes in the team ranked third.


Of course, it cannot be denied that Greenwood will give priority to safety when handling the ball, but considering his position and attack efficiency, it is very difficult to have such data.


Especially in the last few games, Greenwood's use of the body has been greatly improved compared to the past, which made him no longer afraid of the entanglement of those rear defense old fritters, effectively helping the team continue to extend the offensive. Today, Greenwood has become the fulcrum of Manchester United's wing attack.


Greenwood can complete the transformation. In addition to his outstanding personal ability, the overall upgrade of the team's tactical framework is also a very important factor. Simply put, it is the "618 central axis" that Manchester United fans talk about.

Greenwood可以完成转换。除了出色的个人能力外,团队战术框架的整体升级也是一个非常重要的因素。简而言之,这就是曼联球迷所谈论的“ 618中轴”。

During this winter window, Manchester United hired Bruno Fernandez from Portuguese sports. Soon after the Portuguese joined, they burst into huge energy. However, if you analyze carefully, most of B Fee's goals and assists are completed in quick counterattacks, and it is difficult to make achievements in positional attacks.

在这个冬季窗口期间,曼联从葡萄牙体育界聘请了布鲁诺·费尔南德斯。葡萄牙人加入后不久,他们爆发了巨大的活力。但是,如果仔细分析,B Fee的大多数目标和助攻都会在快速反击中完成,很难在位置攻击中取得成功。

This is caused by Manchester United's weaker midfielder. Due to the lack of a reliable point of advancement, Fee B had to withdraw frequently to take the ball when advancing; when defensive, he had to actively protect the line of defense in the backcourt, which prevented Fee B from investing enough energy in the frontcourt.


Therefore, if Manchester United want to solve the problems of offensive advancement, positional attack and rhythm control, it is not enough to rely on a B fee. Behind him, there must be a reliable midfielder.


Obviously, the best candidate is Pogba, but the starting point for Pogba and Mourinho's fallout was the fact that Magic Bird arranged the Frenchman as the midfielder.


What is gratifying is that Pogba did not make a moth this time, he stood in the position where he needed him most, and set up the "618 central axis" together with B Fee. Manchester United was finally able to put a lot of troops into To the front court.

令人欣慰的是,这次Pogba没有飞蛾,他站在最需要他的位置,并与B Fee一起设置了“ 618中心轴”。曼联终于能够向前场派遣大量部队。

The picture above shows the offensive position of Manchester United against Bournemouth. It can be seen from it that under the control of Pogba and B Fee, the opponent must shrink the defensive line in the half court to let Lindelof and Matic. The two temporary full-backs gained space to press forward, which opened up Manchester United's attacking width.

上图显示了曼联对伯恩茅斯的进攻位置。从中可以看出,在Pogba和B Fee的控制下,对手必须在半场中缩小防守线,让Lindelof和Matic进入。两名临时的后卫获得了向前推进的空间,这扩大了曼联的进攻宽度。

Among them, Matic gained enough space to show off his offensive skills, and also made fans feel that the Serbs are raising the ball.


Similar to Matic, Greenwood's outstanding performance also benefits from the space formed after the offensive width is opened, which makes his wide offensive scope useful.


At the same time, Greenwood's high-quality response and efficient attack provided a powerful support for the "618 Central Axis", and the entire Manchester United offensive system produced a chemical reaction.

同时,格林伍德的高质量反应和高效进攻为“ 618中轴”提供了有力的支持,整个曼联进攻体系也产生了化学反应。

Due to Greenwood's outstanding performance, there have been some voices among Manchester United fans, suggesting that the club abandon the introduction of Sancho.


According to British media sources, although Dortmund has made it clear that they can sell Sancho, the transfer price has been adjusted to 130 million pounds. As far as the current situation is concerned, the money is undoubtedly a burden for Manchester United.


There were even swollen fans shouting: "Even if Sancho comes, he has to play as a substitute."


It is understandable that the fans who have been depressed for a long time swell, but it is difficult to draw conclusions from the past few games. For now, Greenwood only solved the problem of Manchester United's weak attack on the right side to a certain extent, rather than a comprehensive solution.


In the right wing position, what Manchester United urgently needs are players who can attack deep in the right wing, because their main attack direction is the left, and the right is usually the weak side area.


The role of Wan Bi Saka is mainly reflected in the defensive end and the promotion and support of the midfield. The effect in the deep attack is quite general.


This season, Wan Bi Saka has only made 0.4 crosses per game, with a success rate of 13%. That is to say, every 2.5 games, fans can see Wan Bi Saka send a successful cross.

本赛季,Wan Bi Saka每场比赛仅传中0.4次,成功率为13%。也就是说,每2.5场比赛,球迷可以看到万比萨卡成功传出一记十字架。

Therefore, Manchester United needs a winger who can cover the depth of the right wing to enhance the quality of the weak side's attack.


Greenwood has yet to show his ability in this area, averaging only 0.5 breakthroughs per game and only 0.3 passes per game. His number of successful crosses is still 0.


Some people may think that as long as they can score goals, data such as breakthroughs and crosses are not important.


In fact, after the restart of the league, Greenwood made 5 starts and scored goals in 3 games. These three opponents are relatively average Brighton, Bournemouth and Aston Villa, but did not score. The two games were the worry-free Sheffield United and Southampton.


In other words, Greenwood has not been baptized by a strong team. When Manchester United is facing a strong team, it is still unknown whether the opponent can leave the space for the two full-backs to press forward deeply. If you want to tear the opponent's defense line, you must make full use of the opportunity of weak side attack, and Manchester United's deep attack quality on the right , Not enough to make people feel at ease.


Therefore, for Greenwood's ability, several tough battles are needed to test, and the same is true for the "618 central axis" and the entire team's tactical system.

因此,为了提高格林伍德的能力,需要进行几次艰苦的战斗来测试,“ 618中心轴”和整个团队的战术系统也是如此。

Although there are still shortcomings, it is indeed a remarkable achievement to perform at the age of 18. Manchester United must pay attention to the transformation of Greenwood, because the cost of introducing Sancho is not a small amount. If the team is really determined to invest money, its impact will continue for a long time in the future.


Now Greenwood has sent another plan to Manchester United's senior management. Although the plan needs to be tested, he is indeed worthy of serious consideration by the Manchester United senior management. I hope Manchester United can make the right choice this summer and lay a solid foundation for the future re-emergence.


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