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In the summer of 1996, Basler joined Bayern Munich. At this time, his mentor, Rehagel, had already left. Another veteran football gun at Bayern was in charge of Trapattoni. As a result, Basler left before the season started. Due to bad luck, he injured his toe in the warm-up match in August. He entered the healing mode just after he arrived on the team. At that time, another big name in Bayern was Mateus. He was beaten by Klinsmann after his Achilles tendon forged. The national team took away the captain's armband, and in this way the two outstanding and eccentric guys became friends.


The greenery of Hollywood back then was also an occasion. In addition to Matthaus, Klinsmann, Helmer, Kahn and other German big names, Basler also knew the depth of Bayern as soon as he arrived on the team. He was relatively restrained when he first arrived. , He got the reuse of Trapattoni, in addition to playing well on the court, he also smoked and drank. It is said that Basler is famous for a cigarette after a meal in the German national team, and he is not shy about it in front of the coach.

那时好莱坞的绿化也是一个机会。除了马特豪斯(Mathaus),克林斯曼(Klinsmann),海尔默(Helmer),卡恩(Kahn)和其他德国大牌人物外,巴斯勒(Basler)刚到拜仁时就知道拜仁的深度。他初到时相对克制。 ,他得到了Trapattoni的重用,除了在球场上打得很好之外,他还抽烟喝酒。据说巴斯勒在德国国家队饭后以抽烟而出名,他在教练面前并不害羞。

In the first season, Basler fully demonstrated his strength. He became the core of Bayern's offense. This season, he scored 8 goals and 10 assists. Bayern also successfully won the league championship. In all fairness, Basler's ability to pass, dribble and long shots was absolutely top-notch in German football at the time. For a time, Basler became the new favorite of Bayern fans, and even the police uncle wanted Basler to sign. The outstanding performance at Bayern made Vogts very embarrassed. Although he hates this bastard who dared to smoke in front of him, Basler’s outstanding strength lies there. Failure to recruit him into the national team will cause domestic problems. Media criticism.


In the 1997-1998 season, Basler played 22 league games for Bayern, scoring 5 goals, and won the league runner-up. However, in the German final, Bayern defeated Duisburg 2-1 to win the championship. Basler reversed his opponent with a free kick in 89 minutes in that game. After the game, he held the trophy and accepted the media interview. bright. But in the end, Basler was excluded by Vogts from the German squad for the 1998 World Cup. The German team was also eliminated by the Croatian team in the subsequent World Cup. After the World Cup, Vogts dismissed get out of class. After Ribek took office, he tried Basler in a game against the Dutch team in November 1998, but Basler was not selected for the German national team after being replaced. After being abandoned by the national team, Basler finally married his wife before Christmas in 1998.


In the summer of 1998, Bayern also ushered in a new atmosphere. After Trapani left, Hitzfeld became the new coach of Bayern. Bayern also introduced another German bad boy Effenberg, his partner with Basler's midfielder. Fearing his opponents, Basler performed well that season and scored 5 league goals. His excellent free kick footwork convinced Effenberg. Bayern won the Bundesliga again. After Bayern won the championship, Pakistan The shots of Sler drinking beer have become precious material for reporters, but he has never treated the shots of reporters friendly.


In the 1999 Champions League, Bayern reached the final all the way, facing Manchester United in the final. Basler started the game and stunned Schmeichel with a free kick just six minutes into the opening. Bayern scored a goal. Leading and leading until Basler's exit in 87 minutes, but after his exit, the situation changed suddenly. Manchester United launched a Jedi counterattack at the last moment and finally reversed the championship. Basler missed the only chance to win the Champions League in his life. Here I want to talk about Basler’s outstanding performance. His free kick footwork is excellent and varied. He is good at blasting shots and instep curve kicks. Many of his free kicks are from the side of the wall. Passing by, the speed is so fast that the goalkeeper is overwhelmed. In addition, Basler's psychological quality is also very good. He can often score goals with free kicks at critical moments in key games. This is very commendable.

在1999年的欧洲冠军联赛中,拜仁一路闯入决赛,在决赛中面对曼联。 Basler开始比赛,在开场仅六分钟就用任意球使Schmeichel震惊。拜仁打入一球。领先并领先直到巴斯勒在87分钟内退出,但在他退出后,情况突然发生了变化。曼联在最后时刻发起了绝地反击,并最终扭转了这一冠军头衔。巴斯勒错过了赢得欧冠的唯一机会。在这里,我想谈一谈巴斯勒的出色表现。他的任意球步法出色而多样。他擅长爆射和脚背曲线踢。他的许多任意球都是从墙的侧面。路过时,速度是如此之快,以至于守门员不堪重负。另外,巴斯勒的心理素质也很好。在关键比赛的关键时刻,他通常可以任意球得分。这是非常值得称赞的。

So in the summer of 1999, Beckenbauer gave Basler a rare lifetime contract. For Basler, who was 31 years old at the time, it was an honor to retire at Bayern, but it was always his own way. Basler did not accept the gift, which made Beckenbauer very shameless, so Pei Huang sighed "world-class below the neck", which obviously means that Basler has a problem with his brain. As a result, shortly after the start of the 1999 season, Basler caused an uproar due to a fight in a pizzeria in Munich. As a result, the Bayern club was bombarded by the media. The Bayern executives could only hide it in snow and endure the pain in the winter window. Purge Basler out of the team. Sold to Kaiserslautern for a fracture price of 1.5 million marks.

因此,在1999年夏天,贝肯鲍尔(Backenbauer)与巴斯勒(Basler)签订了一份罕见的终身合同。对于当时31岁的巴斯勒(Basler)来说,退休留在拜仁很荣幸,但这始终是他自己的方式。 Basler不接受这份礼物,这使得Beckenbauer非常无耻,所以Pei Huang叹了“世界一流的脖子以下”,这显然意味着Basler的大脑有问题。结果,在1999赛季开始后不久,巴斯勒(Basler)因在慕尼黑的一家比萨店打架而引起轩然大波。结果,拜仁俱乐部遭到媒体轰炸。拜仁高管们只能把它藏在雪中,忍受冬天窗户上的痛苦。从团队中清除Basler。卖给凯撒斯劳滕(Kaiserslautern),作价150万马克。

And Basler doesn’t care about this, because at this time his mentor Rehagel has led the Kaiserslautern team back to the Bundesliga, and has just completed the miracle of being promoted to win the championship, and Basler’s arrival is also for the old. The best gift for handsome. But after the end of the first season, coach Rehagel left the team to coach the Greek national team. This time Basler has entered a state of three negligence. The German team at the European Championships failed miserably. Basler immediately bombarded Rebecq against the media, saying that he didn’t bring me Basler, and you brought Hasler. Let him play as a substitute. Isn't this looking for death?


It was Bremer, the big brother of German football who took over Kaiser's position. He just got his coaching license in October 2000. Bremer is a well-known man in German football, but the new official took office. After Bremer took office, he canceled Basler's occasional privileges to go to the stadium without physical training and without a bus. However, his exchanges with Bremer It's still relatively smooth, and the two of them talk openly and frankly, and often get together for dinner. In his first season in office, Basler also gave more face. Once helped the team reach the UEFA Cup semi-finals, and also helped the team rush to third place in the league, but Basler’s wild style on the court also made it. Frightening, he once provoke Eindhoven fans away in the UEFA Cup game.


But it didn't take long for Basler to become the team's ball dominance again. It is said that he had turned back in the International Toto Cup and was unwilling to be replaced, which made Bremer a headache. As a German player, Basler has always used adidas in the world cup. However, Kaiserslautern was a team sponsored by Nike at the time. He could only wear the shoes of the main sponsor without paying a penalty. Sler felt very uncomfortable. He thought he was wearing a Nike tiempo premier. Later, it was discovered that the sole was still made by adidas. It turned out that his sneakers had replaced the world cup with a nike tongue, and then blackened the three bars and sewed a nike logo. This craftsmanship is really true.


In the 01-02 season, Kaiserslautern won seventh place in the league, but his performance in the International Toto Cup in the summer was bad, and there were many internal conflicts within the team. Djokaf actually directly bombarded Bremer for not playing. Up. So Bremer was fired in the summer of 2002 and the new coach Gretz took office. But at this time Basler had already regarded the game as a game, and even before the game was over, he started drinking beer after being replaced. That season, Kaiserslautern's league ranking fell to 14th, and the glory of the year has been Nothing exists. And Nike just released the t902 generation of football shoes, Basler seems to be more in love, actually has been wearing it for a season.


After the end of the season, Basler ended the contract with Kaiserslautern and joined the Al Ain team in Qatar, where he and the tiger Effenberg went all the way back and went for gold. One year later, Basler chose to retire. After retiring, the bad boy became a football commentator. What is more surprising is that he actually got his coaching license and has started coaching low-level football in Germany. Team, it is said that his goal is to coach the Bundesliga team.

赛季结束后,巴斯勒(Basler)与凯撒斯劳滕(Kaiserslautern)终止了合同,并加入了卡塔尔的艾因(Al Ain)车队,在那里他和老虎艾芬伯格(Effenberg)一直回去争夺金牌。一年后,巴斯勒选择退休。退休后,这个坏男孩成了一名足球解说员。更令人惊讶的是,他实际上已经获得了教练执照,并且已经开始在德国执教低级足球。球队,据说他的目标是执教德甲球队。

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