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In the third round of Serie A, Roma 1-0 Udinese (visa-free new aid Pedro made his first goal), Parma 1-0 Verona (Courtic scored, Inter new aid Damian came off the bench, Parma bid farewell Battle, participating in Inter Milan training this Tuesday), Roma and Parma’s respective new American bosses ushered in their first Serie A victory.


The new owner of Rome is Dan Friedkin, the largest Toyota dealer in North America. He has introduced that a family of three generations has flying licenses and can participate in U.S. Air Force demonstration flights; the owner and chairman of Parma is 57-year-old Kyle Klaus, a family business. A month to spend 65 million euros to acquire 90% of the Parma Club, plus 99% of the "Parma Stadium Planning Co., Ltd.". Serie A currently has 4 American holdings (also Milan, Florence), 5 North American holdings, and Bologna is Canadian Saputo.

罗马的新所有者是北美最大的丰田经销商丹·弗里德金(Dan Friedkin)。他介绍说,一个三口之家拥有飞行执照,可以参加美国空军的示范飞行; Parma的所有者兼董事长是57岁的家族企业Kyle Klaus。一个月花费6500万欧元收购了帕尔马俱乐部90%的股份,外加99%的“帕尔马体育场规划有限公司”。意甲目前拥有4个美国股份(以及米兰,佛罗伦萨),5个北美股份,而博洛尼亚是加拿大萨普托。

Slovenia's foreign aid Kultic made contributions, and the American Parma scored the first 3 points. Scored in just 25 seconds, surpassing Inter Milan's victory over Benevento Lukaku in 28 seconds, becoming the fastest goal in Serie A this season.

斯洛文尼亚的章鱼直播外援库尔蒂克(Kultic)做出了贡献,而美国帕尔马(American Parma)获得了前3分。仅用25秒就得分,超过国际米兰在28秒内击败贝内文托·卢卡库的胜利,成为本赛季意甲最快的进球。

Klaus has Italian descent and is the same as Comiso, the American owner of Viola. Klaus's mother, Nancy Gentile, was born in Palermo, the capital of Sicily. Krause Holding, the company of Krause, is headquartered in Dimoy, the capital of Iowa. It has about 5,000 employees and has a turnover of 2.5 billion US dollars in 2019. The business covers a wide range of fields: real estate, logistics, supermarket chains, agriculture (with a breeding plant), red wine (the Vietti company is in Tuscany, Italy, producing high-end Barolo red wine), and also involved in sports, the hometown of holdings The football team Dimoy Menace is in the third division of the United States.

克劳斯(Klaus)具有意大利血统,与中提琴的美国老板科米索(Comiso)相同。克劳斯(Klaus)的母亲南希(Nancy Gentile)出生于西西里岛的首都巴勒莫。 Krause公司旗下的Krause Holding总部位于爱荷华州首府Dimoy。它拥有大约5,000名员工,2019年的营业额为25亿美元。该业务涵盖广泛的领域:房地产,物流,超级市场连锁店,农业(带有育种厂),红酒(Vietti公司位于意大利的托斯卡纳(Tuscany)生产高端Barolo红酒),还涉足体育运动,这是公司的故乡。足球队Dimoy Menace位于美国的第三个分区。

Klaus explained investing in Serie A instead of Premier League La Liga: "I'm half Italian and grew up watching Serie A games. I have Sicilian blood flowing through my body. Why go to the Premier League? I also played in my childhood, and I think I'm still skilled. Not bad, play midfield, and then change to striker. Until one time I injured my knee seriously and my family told me that it was time to participate in the family business. I thought it made sense and turned my focus to corporate business. But my obsession with football has never changed Ever."


The Serie A team Klaus has supported since childhood is Juventus, followed by Palermo, and his favorite star is Piero. "I know that there is a natural antagonism between Parma fans and Juventus. The hostility is strong, no problem. I have torn off the Juventus logo on the laptop I carry with me and replaced it with Parma."

克劳斯从小就支持的意甲球队是尤文图斯,其次是巴勒莫,他最喜欢的球星是皮耶罗。 “我知道帕尔马迷和尤文图斯之间存在天生的对抗。强烈的敌意,没问题。我已经撕下随身携带的笔记本电脑上的尤文图斯徽标,并用帕尔马取代了。”

Klaus has 4 sons and 1 daughter. The second son Tanner and the fourth son Oliver are both football fans. “The fourth son doesn’t play very much, he loves to watch and research. He is a semi-professional game analyst, and he is right. I think, He is eligible to enter the Parma coaching staff, and I hope so.” Parma has changed a lot this summer, with a change of boss, sports manager, coaching, and Livirani took office. Klaus said the first task is to relegation and the development objective is to use young people more. Strengthen the construction of youth training.

克劳斯有4个儿子和1个女儿。第二个儿子Tanner和第四个儿子Oliver都是足球迷。 “第四个儿子玩的不是很多,他喜欢章鱼直播观看和研究。他是半职业游戏分析师,他是对的。我认为,他有资格进入帕尔马教练组,我希望如此。”今年夏天,帕尔玛发生了很多变化,包括老板,体育经理,教练的变更,而利维拉尼上任。克劳斯说,首要任务是保级,发展目标是更多地利用年轻人。加强青年培训建设。

"I really want to see that in 10 years, the entire Parma team is trained by its own youth training system. I want to introduce the new Cannavaro and New Crespo to the world. I am on the American football team and this is what I walked. Road. It’s natural to be able to sign top stars, but it’s too early. When Americans mention Parma, they immediately think of eating, those things on the table. Parma’s air-dried ham, cheese, milk, and pasta are all great. It’s the capital of food."

“我真的很想看到十年内,整个帕尔马队都受到其章鱼直播自己的青年训练系统的训练。我想向世界介绍新的Cannavaro和New Crespo。我是美国橄榄球队的成员,这就是我能够签名顶级明星是很自然的事,但为时过早,当美国人提到帕尔马时,他们立即想到吃饭,桌上的东西,帕尔马的风干火腿,奶章鱼直播酪,牛奶和意大利面都很棒。这是食物的首都。”

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