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Putting aside more than two centuries of fog, these two sentences are equally applicable in today's world football.


In this critical time period when Chinese men’s football will hit the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Chinese Football Association has to adopt a plan of “accepting talents from all over the world” in order to improve the competitive ability of the national football in a short period of time. Many players who have played for a long time in Chinese football Foreign players have obtained the opportunity to represent the Chinese national team by changing their nationalities.


From a short-term point of view, the arrival of naturalized players can indeed greatly strengthen the paper strength of the national football team, but from a long-term perspective, no team in the history of world football can achieve this through frequent naturalization alone. For the rise of Chinese football, if it wants to achieve qualitative improvement, it must start from the youth training.


On March 5, 2020, the Chinese Football Association officially announced that 15-year-old Guangzhou R&F echelon player Su Yuliang was officially selected for the squad of China’s U16 National Youth Team. At first, people did not pay much attention to this news, but as Su Yuliang's photos spread on the Internet, many people were very puzzled: Is such a child with dark skin and thick lips really Chinese? Has the national football's naturalization plan been implemented to "start from the baby"?


The answer is of course no, regardless of this Su Yuliang's dark skin, but he is an authentic Chinese. Su Yuliang was born in Nigeria on January 26, 2005. His mother is Chinese and his father is Nigerian. Soon after he was born, Su Yuliang followed his parents to live in Guangzhou, China. Therefore, although his birthplace is Nigeria, Su Yuliang can speak fluent Chinese and Cantonese can be said to have no obstacles.


When he was in the third grade of elementary school, Su Yuliang came into contact with football by chance. This kid who knew nothing about football at the time fell in love with this "world's number one, which tests both physical confrontation and teamwork." movement". After he returned home, he immediately expressed his desire to learn football to his parents, and soon he joined the school football team for training with the support of his parents.


In 2016, with his excellent physical fitness and relatively good football talent, Su Yuliang, who was only 11 years old, officially entered the 05 echelon of Guangzhou R&F Youth Elite Academy. Su Yuliang suddenly moved from the school team to a more professional and standardized training environment. Su Yuliang seemed a bit at a loss. He was in a very nervous and anxious state for the first few days after reaching the 05 echelon. Fortunately, Su Yuliang’s talents and his physical fitness far exceed those of other players of the same age. After a short break-in period, he quickly integrated into the life training of the 05 echelon of Guangzhou R&F Youth Training Elite Academy, and passed his own Efforts to become the well-deserved "focus star" of the 05 echelon.


Su Yuliang really attracted the attention of the mass media, and it can be traced back to the 2017 U12 Junior World Football Challenge Cup Youth Invitational Tournament, which started in Tokyo, Japan on August 24, 2017, including the Barcelona U12 echelon and Arsenal A series of strong teams, including the U12 echelon, Kashiwa Helios U12 echelon, Kashima Antlers U12 echelon, Nagoya Whales Eight U12 echelon, and Tokyo Lvyin U12 echelon, were all invited teams in that competition. Guangzhou R&F, as the only Chinese team invited, also sent its own 05 echelon to participate in the tournament, and Su Yuliang, then 12, was the main center of the Guangzhou R&F 05 echelon.

苏玉良的确引起了大众媒体的关注,可以追溯到2017年U12青少年世界足球挑战杯青年邀请赛,该赛事于2017年8月24日在日本东京开始,包括巴塞罗那U12梯队和阿森纳A包括U12梯队,柏树Helios U12梯队,鹿岛鹿角U12梯队,名古屋鲸八U12梯队和Tokyo Lvyin U12梯队在内的一系列强队都是该比赛的受邀队伍。作为唯一受邀的中国队,广州富力也派出了自己的05梯队参加比赛,而当时12岁的苏玉亮是广州R&F 05梯队的主要中心。

In that competition, Su Yuliang represented the Guangzhou R&F 05 echelon against the Japanese team Cypress Helios and scored a goal with a stunning four-seater lob from 30 meters away, helping the Guangzhou R&F 05 echelon 1:0. Defeat the Cypress Sun God.

在那场比赛中,苏玉亮代表广州R&F 05梯队与日本赛普拉斯赫利奥斯(Cypress Helios)队对决,并在30米外的一个惊人的四人座高空球打入一球,帮助广州R&F 05梯队1:0。击败柏木太阳神。

In the end, Su Yuliang won the top scorer award in the tournament and was selected as the best team. Many foreign media reporters praised the Chinese player. Since then, Su Yuliang has gradually entered the field of mass media, and people have begun to turn more attention to this Chinese and Nigerian mixed-race teenager.


According to relevant personnel of Guangzhou R&F 05 echelon, Su Yuliang could reach 12 seconds in 100 meters as early as the sixth grade of elementary school. He has an absolute speed advantage against most players of the same age. It is worth mentioning that Su Yuliang is an out-and-out "tower" while possessing an excellent acceleration ability of 100 meters. He reached 1.75 meters in height when he was 13 years old and is now 15. His height has exceeded 1.82 meters. This shows that Su Yuliang is a "tall but not stupid" all-around forward. During the game, he can use his height advantage to play a pivotal role in the frontcourt, and he can also cruise to the left and right sides to become the key core of the team's side breakthrough.


In recent years, due to the unsatisfactory performance of the Chinese national team in the intercontinental arena, the Chinese Football Association decided to liberalize the policy after careful discussion and recruit some outstanding foreign football players who intend to become Chinese nationals. With some effort, many players including Exxon (Brazil of origin), Fernando (Brazil of origin), Luo Guofu (Brazil of origin), Alan (Brazil of origin), Li Ke (England of origin) and many other players have won Opportunities to represent the Chinese national team in various competitions. In this context, whether the policy of vigorously naturalizing foreign players is correct or not has also triggered heated discussions. Some people think that the advantages of naturalizing foreign players outweigh the disadvantages because they can effectively improve the performance of Chinese men’s football in a short period of time and drive the growth of the basic population of Chinese football; but some people think that naturalizing foreign players does more harm than good, because foreign players’ The arrival can only improve the performance of Chinese men's football in a short time, and there is no way to bring Chinese football on a reasonable and healthy development path.

近年来,由于中国国家队在洲际赛场上的表现不尽人意,中国足协经过认真讨论后决定放宽政策,并招募了一些有意成为中国国民的优秀外国足球运动员。经过努力,包括埃克森(原籍巴西),费尔南多(原籍巴西),罗国富(原籍巴西),艾伦(原籍巴西),李可(原籍英国)在内的许多球员赢得了机会代表中国国家队参加各种比赛。在这种情况下,大力引进外国球员的政策是否正确也引发了激烈的讨论。有人认为,引进外国球员的好处大于弊端,因为它们可以在短时间内有效地改善中国男足的表现并带动中国足球的基本人口增长。但是有人认为,归化外国球员弊大于利,因为外国球员的到来只能在短时间内提高中国男足的表现,也没有办法使中国足球走上合理健康的发展道路。 。

Taken together, the main argument people opposed to naturalized foreign players is that "it is difficult for them to gain a sense of national honor." In other words, people are worried that naturalized foreign players will only become Chinese nationals for high salaries, but they do not recognize them. Chinese national culture. Under such a background environment, players like Su Yuliang who both have the physical foundation of African players and have a high degree of identity with Chinese culture appear to be very popular. Su Yuliang once revealed in an interview that there are two big dreams in life. One is to go abroad to join a top European football club; the other is to be selected for the Chinese national team. When talking about this, he also emphasized that he wants to join the Chinese country. The team, because I am a Chinese from beginning to end.


Relying on its unique geographical environment, Guangzhou has become one of the most prosperous coastal cities in Asia. The rapid economic growth has also attracted a large number of foreign immigrants. Statistics show that there are 83,400 foreigners living in Guangzhou, of which 55,000 are permanent residents. These foreigners came to China because of work and study, and then chose to find a partner in this land and start a family because of their nostalgia for China. Therefore, the current Guangzhou city has become one of the cities with the largest number of mixed-race children in China.


Limited by the influence of traditional Chinese thinking, today's Chinese still do not fully accept the concept of mixed race. Su Yuliang's mother has been worried for a long time that her son will be isolated by other young players in the youth training camp because of his skin color. However, as time progresses, the attitude of other young players in the Guangzhou R&F 05 echelon towards Su Yuliang has gradually changed from the initial alienation to closeness. Now Su Yuliang’s daily training and entertainment are no different from ordinary Chinese children. Not only is he not affected by the echelon The isolation of the partners has become the team's "troublemaker" because of their enthusiastic and cheerful personality. Su Yuliang once revealed to reporters a joke he made with his teammates in an interview. He used to secretly pour water into his roommate's mouth when he was asleep, and everyone was helping and laughing.


In the first 4 games of Group A of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Qualifiers held in the second half of last year, the Chinese men's football team has won the Maldives 5-0 and Guam 7-0 in the opening game. Lost points, and finally after the end of the 4th round, behind the first Syria by as many as 8 points (due to the first round of the seeded team, so the Chinese men's football team is currently one less than other teams).


"Compared with the insufficiency of the top, more than the bottom." I think this is the most suitable sentence for the actual situation of Chinese men's football. When facing countries like the Maldives and Guam that do not even have complete basic football training facilities, the Chinese men’s football team can either play a gorgeous pass and control attack similar to Barcelona, ​​or show unreasonable high-altitude bombing, but in the face of strength When the Philippines and Syria were slightly stronger, the symptoms of Chinese men's football "weakness" were once again exposed.


In the national football away game 0-0 draw with the Philippines, the Chinese men's football team shot 35 shots in 90 minutes, but only shot 14 shots on the spot, and most of them were "ball-sending shots" without threats. . In the face of stronger Syria, the national football team had only 8 shots (only 2 shots in the field). If it weren’t for the Spaniard’s Wu Lei with his clever forward penetration ability, he would have scored a goal. The national football team can only helplessly swallow the bitter fruit of the away defeat.

在与菲律宾的国家橄榄球客场0-0平局中,中国男足在90分钟内射门35球,但当场只射了14球,其中大多数是没有威胁的“发球球”。 。面对更强大的叙利亚,国家足球队只有8杆(实地只有2杆)。如果不是西班牙人的吴雷(Wu Lei)拥有出色的前锋突破能力,他将打进一球。国家足球队只能无奈地吞下客场失败的苦果。

After the end of these two games, Lippi's formation on the front line was questioned by many Chinese fans. It is generally impossible to understand why the Italian coach wants to place the powerful naturalized player Exxon on the wing farther away from the goal, while using Yang Xu, who has repeatedly wasted opportunities to score as the main center.


Only by understanding the current staffing of the Chinese men's football can we understand how helpless Lippi was in the formation. It is true that Exxon’s strong ability to grasp the opportunity in front of the goal will greatly improve the impact of the national football center position, but with the current staffing of the national football team, it is difficult to select a person who can truly serve Exxon in a strong dialogue. With a winger with enough quality shells, Exxon is likely to become the Polish national team's Lewand in the World Cup in Russia-"I have a martial arts, but I can only watch the ball flying above my head."


It was also after the end of these two games that the editor began to realize how important a high-level "pseudo center" is to the national football team. The so-called pseudo-center means the center position that appears in the starting lineup, but in the course of the game, it often cruises to two wings for breakthroughs. Such a flexible body position change can not only effectively disrupt the overall position of the opponent's midfielder, but also provide more room for his midfield teammates to plug in.


The sudden emergence of Su Yuliang in the past two years has given the Chinese Football Association a new direction for the selection of international players. This 15-year-old mixed-race teenager has reached 1.82 meters in height. At this growth rate, he is likely to have a height of 1.9 meters in the future. ; At the same time, Su Yuliang also has a very good side dribbling breakthrough ability. According to his coach, Su Yuliang likes to pull from the center position to the two wingers to assist in the attack during the game. His innate instant acceleration ability coupled with the delicate dribbling technique under the foot is hopeful to complete an enemy More breakthrough players.

在过去的两年中,苏玉良的突然出现为中国足球协会提供了选择国际球员的新方向。这位15岁的混血少年身高达到1.82米。以这种速度增长,他将来的身高可能为1.9米。 ;同时,苏玉良还具有很好的边带球突破能力。据他的教练说,苏雨亮喜欢从中锋位置拉向两名边锋,以协助比赛中的进攻。他天生的即时加速能力,再加上脚下微妙的盘带技术,有望为敌人带来更多突破性的球员。

We can also get a glimpse of Su Yuliang's personal technical development direction set for himself from his two football idols. Su Yuliang once revealed in an interview that his own football idols are Mbappé and Cristiano Ronaldo. He feels that the personal technical characteristics of these two players are very similar to him, and hopes to be able to match them through his own efforts.


The road is long and long, I will search up and down. Natural physical fitness is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of Su Yuliang over his peers, but football has never been a sport that depends on talent alone to determine the future. For Su Yuliang, who is "a young hero", countless examples of "debut is the peak" are still vivid, and he still has a long way to go if he wants to realize the transformation from a "small international" to a "big one".


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